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New Jekyll Site

def foo
  puts 'Hello World!'

That's how all great things start out, right?

Today, I'm pushing up the first post on a new jekyll site that I hope to use as my blog and documentation of a few things.

I've been in IT for about a decade as support and systems administration, and now I'm trying to pick up a few new skills on the coding side of the computer world. I also dabble in quite a bit of homelab setups, so I hope to include post covering all of these topics.

On the systems administration side of things, I've had the pleasure of working with everything from Pick OS to modern Linux.

On the coder side, I've dabbled in it from time to time over the years, but finally found that it "clicked" when learning ruby. Right now I'm working on beefing up my front end web development skills, and then if it all works out learning elixir / earlang as I think the BEAM VM is a wonderful creation and that many applications will utilizing to it as elixir/phoenix gain more popularity.

I still have lots to learn about Jekyll, and once I wrap my head around it I have a write up of a recent homelab restructure that I plan to publish.